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Choosing A Cattery

People often ask me what kind of things they need to consider when they are choosing a cattery. Well, to start with, I’d recommend you check your local Council’s website – first question should be whether or not the cattery you’re considering has been licensed by the Council, and...

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The Model Licence Conditions for cat boarding establishments June 2013 (Revised June 2016) has seen the biggest change to cat boarding and welfare in over 50 years.

Did you know our Cat Hotel has been designed and constructed to the Model License Conditions & Guidance for Cat Boarding Establishments by CIEH Chartered Institute of Environmental Health What does that mean to a Cat Owner using the Cat Hotel ?  Animal boarding establishments fulfil a public need. The...

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Our Cat Hotel Story and Features

Being cat owners we were disappointed by the level of luxury on offer for our special family members , with some catteries offering rabbit hutch type accommodation , we knew we could offer something more luxurious , The Country Cat Hotel was born . At the outset we decided...

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Caring for your Cat During COVID 19

Do I let my cat out during coronavirus? Is my cat liable to spread infection? Could my cat contract coronavirus? These are some of the questions pet owners have been asking while we grapple with ‘the new normal’, but just what are the right answers to these questions? If...

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Keeping your Cat Cool on Warm days

The glorious British summer can quickly turn into an uncomfortable, dry or humid bore, meaning sleepless nights and sticky days for many of us. But while we can relieve ourselves with a cold shower or an ice lolly, we have to find special ways for our kitties to keep...

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Why choose Our cattery over other options?

There’s a few ways people decide what to do with their family cat while they’re away, but top of the list must be peace of mind and care for their cat. We offer a one night stay option, which gives our clients the flexibility they require, whilst proving a...

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