Boutique Luxury Cat Hotel

Our Suites and How to Book a Stay


About Our Luxury Cattery & Suites 

Beautiful Location

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The Country Cat Hotel is situated in a peaceful countryside location , overlooks a small woodland which is has an adundance of local birds and wildlife staying in it.  We have a number of seasonal wildlife species that visits throughout the year , common species of birds are blue tits, coal tits, swallows, chaffinches, a family of crows stay in the woodland area all year round and the usual variety of British stay at home birds . We have year round bird feeding stations , maintained daily , that keeps our feathered friends happy as well.

Our modern cattery is classed as a high standard cattery , which is equivelant to a 5 star Hotel rating. All our suites are fully double glazed, fully insulated offering a truly luxury stay in a fun, bright peaceful setting ,  with all and more of the luxury your fur baby receives at home.

All our luxury suites have a dedicated safe & secure wildlife viewing gallery for lazy days wtahcing the wildlife and day go by .

Spacious Family Rooms

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Each of our eight rooms have been designed for multi cat families.  They can accommodate up to 3 cats, from the same family, in the same suite , should you wish.  Cats will only share a suite with their own family members.

Our luxury suites all have activity equipment the cats need for a great stay with us.

Regular Updates

It’s a worry wondering how your cat is getting on whilst your away which is why I keep you updated.  On regular basis we post guest updates for you on our facebook page , or we can send you pictures and updates via text message if you would prefer that for privacy reasons.

Temperature controlled suites

Our individual thermostatic controlled heating system and fully insulated rooms maintain a constant temperature in the suites and can be tailored to our guests needs.

Wildlife Viewing Balcony

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Cats love our custom built wildlife viewing balconies, all our suites have a viewing balcony that opens up to allow the outdoors to come indoors in a totally safe and secure environment for your cat .

Each balcony faces North so even in the hottest weather they are shaded from direct sun light and view onto bird feeding areas , so plenty of action to keep your Cat amused, just purrfect !


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Luxury Suite Rates / Day 

    1 cat     £   10.00 per day / suite

    2 cats   £  17.00 per day sharing a suite

    3 cats   £ 26.00 per day sharing a suite

    To make a booking please call us on 07791 129862 .

Payment ; We accept debit & credit cards , cash & bank transfers for all stays. 

New Modern Cattery standards

Our modern cattery is fully licenced by Angus Council and has been built to new modern cattery design standards ensuring the high hygiene and materials standards required by the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health) and The animal welfare regulations 2018 have been incorporated in the build of the Cat Hotel.

All our luxury suite rates include:

  • Comprehensive vet service/treatment insurance with no excess , giving you complete peace of mind
  • Wet food and dry biscuits
  • Non clumping litter
  • All bedding , luxury toys
  • Playtime , love and attention (on our guests terms)
  • Twice daily cat room service
  • Nightly treats and tuck-in service.

As part of your cats stay we also provide mineral water, Felix or whiskas wet food, dry biscuit food. We can also supply treats and catnip (if you wish) throughout their stay.