Our Terms and Conditions

Country Cat Hotel

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Our Terms & Conditions

Booking Policy

We appreciate that every cat owner needs to be confident that their pets will be well cared for in their absence and fully encourage prospective clients to visit our premises before making a booking. This provides an opportunity for the client to inspect the accommodation and familiarise themselves with our terms and conditions. It also gives us a chance to discuss any individual needs that may be requested.

All cattery bookings are subject to availability.


  • 1 cat £9.00 per day
  • 2 cats £15.00 per day sharing
  • 3 cats £20.00 per day sharing
  • Discounts available for Long-Term boarding

Charges are calculated daily, starting with the day of arrival. The day of departure is not counted as long as cats are collected before 11am.  Fees include food, heating and veterinary treatment insurance whilst in our care. You also have our assurance that your cat will receive plenty of care, love, and attention throughout their stay.

Please note that a deposit may be required for bookings during our peak periods see below.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy during Peak Periods

During busy times a large number of customers may have to be turned away due to being fully booked from a much earlier date. Therefore at Peak Times a £2 per day Non-Refundable Deposit will be required to confirm a booking during the following Peak Times.

Peak times:

  • Easter Weekend
  • First 2 weeks of April
  • June 15th to August 15th
  • October 1st  to October 18th
  • December 23rd  to January 3rd   

During these periods the following cancellation policy will apply

  • cancellation within 2 weeks of stay will incur a charge of 100%
  • 3 weeks notice will incur a 50% charge
  • 4 weeks notice will incur a charge of 25%.

Payment methods

Full payment is required in advance or on the date of departure. We accept:

  • Cash
  • Debit Cards – All major cards accepted subject to 1.5% handling fee below £30 spend

Opening Hours

  • Monday- Friday                                    9.30-11.00 & 4.00-6.00
  • Saturday and Sunday                       10.30-11.30

Drop off and collections and visits are welcome out with these times please contact us for an appointment.    Please ensure that your cat is delivered and collected in a carrier fit for purpose.

Public Holidays

On the following public holidays we are closed for some rest & celebrations with our families , unfortunately we wont be receiving or returning guests on these days :

  • January – 1st & 2nd
  • December – 24th, 25th, 26th & 31st

Pick Up Times

At time of booking, we will request that you provide us with arrival and departure times. We would appreciate it if you could inform us in advance if these arrangements need to be changed.


We respectfully request that all visitors to our premises refrain from stroking or petting any of our resident pets amd wildlife . This request is in place to protect our residents from potential external infection and to protect our visitors from injury.

Vaccination Requirements

All cats accepted into the cattery must show a valid up to date vaccination certificate against Feline Influenza and Feline Enteritis at each visit. Primary vaccination must not have been administered any less than ten days prior to boarding in order to protect our other residents from possible infection. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Please note that only vaccinated kittens can be accepted. Vaccination cards will be inspected.

Fleas & Worms

Fleas: We request that all cats that come to the cat hotel are treated against flea infestation BEFORE arrival for their stay. Fleas spread rapidly among a cat population and can be easily detected by combing the cat and by small black deposits on their bedding. All cats will be inspected on arrival. The management reserve the right to apply flea treatment to any resident cat found to have flea infestation on arrival. The cost of treatment will be charged to the owner. Please note that flea collars are not considered adequate protection.

Worms: We request that all cats that come to the cat hotel are treated against worm infestation BEFORE arrival for their stay. The management reserve the right to apply worm treatment to any resident cat found to have worm infestation during their stay. The cost of treatment will be charged to the owner.

Male Cats

Any male cat over the age of nine months, who is not neutered, cannot be accepted for boarding, as they could present an infection hazard to other resident cats. Proof of being neutered is required from a vet.


Food will be left available for cats at all times unless the owner requests otherwise. Please discuss any particular requirements at the time of booking. We provide a wide variety of dry and wet food but cannot hold supplies of every brand/ type. Please check with us before boarding that we have the foods preferred by your cat. We regret that we are unable to provide any special prescription diets, and these will have to be provided by the owner. We prefer all cats to remain on their usual diet during their stay to reduce stress or digestive upset. Fresh water is available to all cats at all times.


We are happy to administer any medication which have been prescribed by a vet, provided full and clear instructions are left by the owner.

Illness/Vet/Fur Grooming

No cat suffering from, or suspected to be suffering from, an infectious or contagious disease , fur matting will be accepted. All cats will be inspected on arrival, but we reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing any signs of ill health pending advice from our veterinary surgeon. This is essential in order to protect and safeguard the health of other resident cats. Veterinary services will be arranged should this be necessary during your cat’s stay. If any client prefers their cat to be seen by their usual vet and / or groomer , please discuss this with us prior to arrival.

Insurance & Licence

The country cat hotel is licenced by Angus Council and is fully insured. Full details of cover are available on request.


Whilst every care and precaution is taken to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all cats, they are boarded entirely at the owner’s own risk. If any animal is not collected within 14 days of the stated departure date and no communication received either from the owner or their agent, we reserve the right to place into the care of the SSPCA