Your cats daily routine

A day in the life at the Cattery


Rise and shine

Get up and get ready for the day ahead (Always a nice strong Cup Of Coffe)

Food time!

I always feed my own two kitties first as they are usually first in the queue for breakfast!

Prepare feed

I get a tray of food ready for my quests, fill up the water jug with fresh water and take it to the cat hotel.

Wakey wakey!

Time to wake the kitties up!


Ring the dinner bell

I ring the dinner gong (well, it’s a bell actually!) to let the guests know breakfast is on it’s way. Once I’ve served the food I then return to each room to clean litter trays, clean the floors, give them all a good morning cuddle, de-hair the climbing trees/pillows and remove the drinking bowls to replenish with fresh mineral water.  The DAB radio is tuned to Chill FM for some lovely relaxing background music .

The fun starts!

Now the fun begins!  Time to open the wildlife viewing balconies where the cats can view local birds, squirrels, rabbits and our resident pheasant community.


Litter trays usually need a tidy up again after breakfast then it’s time for cuddle and play sessions with each guest (my favourite part, of course!).

Prepare for more guests

Time to make sure everything is ready for guest arrival. The bed is made, fresh water and a bowl of delicious food is provided, their suite is just perfect for their arrival

Ensure everything is in order

Once the guests are settled in and I’ve done another litter check it’s time to do some admin, another aspect of the ‘job’ that I really enjoy.  I reply to emails, confirm bookings and make sure everything is in order.

Lunch is served

Time for lunch .  Lunch is also served to the guests who have requested 3 meals a day, while the others are happy to wait until dinner time for their next tasty treat.

To the shops...

Just time for another quick cuddle with my feline friends before heading off to our local suppliers to purchase any new stock for the next day , we always use local suppliers !

Restock bird feeder

I restock the bird feeders for our garden birds . The cattery backs onto a woodland area area so we get a lot of wildlife in the garden , and we like to look after our other guests that we are fortunate to share our garden with.

Grooming time!

It’s grooming time – it’s a bit like Marmite, the guests either love it or hate it! You know pretty quickly the kitties who like to be groomed as they usually roll over and start purring. The ones who don’t, let you know in no uncertain terms that brushing is off limits and that’s when you back away with the brush!! More litter checking…

Dinner time!

Time to get dinner ready and serve to the kitties.

Chill Time

We dim the lights and play some soft cat chill out music and start to wind down for the day.

Unwind time

Having had my dinner, it’s time for me to unwind in the best way possible…